Making a Career Change – Emotional or Practical

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We define many career changes as either being emotional or practical.  An emotional career change would come from a non-career oriented focus and a practical change is a career oriented focus. We understand that many other reasons for career changes may exist but these two stand as the most prevalent that we come across in our business.   While consulting with our candidates, we are constantly asked for advice when it comes to making a career move. The majority of reasons behind the motivation to leave are mostly related to feelings that the company has changed, they are not enjoying their positions, do not feel like management cares about them anymore, or are not being recognized for the value they are bringing to the business. Basically, emotional job changes that typically end in regret.

Professional Automotive Recruiters

As a professional automotive recruiter, I am reluctant to work with these types of candidates because they are basing their decisions on emotions, not practical career objectives. Companies are not looking to burden themselves with employees that have a history of changing jobs and would require emotional counseling after a brief period of employment. Believe it or not, this does happen and not only does it reflect poorly on the company, it reflects poorly on the recruiting agency.  We encourage our candidates to understand their emotions and to truly try and fix the problems they may have with their current employer. In many cases, the candidates decide to stay where they are at, for this we are grateful.  In most cases, these types of candidates create lost value for themselves and those working to help them as they truly did not want to leave and only wanted more recognition. With that being said, as a leading firm in automotive recruiting, we will always strive to offer the best advice to any and all candidates that come to us for help.

Weighing Your Options

If you are contemplating a career change, ask yourself the reasons why. You might want to write them down and look it over for a few days.  This separates the emotions from the practical and puts everything in proper perspective. Once you have a concise career objective it is time to reach out to professionals like us, these are the types of candidates we have success in placing with excellent companies. On the Mark Recruiting Specialists Inc. is committed to guiding our clients on the best path that we see fit for their career objectives. We have a proven track record of taking qualified individuals that are looking to diversify or advance in their career path and are seeking long-term stable solutions. On that note, we welcome all candidates seeking career changes for the right reasons and we look forward to finding the right job for you.

At On the Mark Recruiting Specialists, Inc. we specialize in the recruitment and placement of professionals in the automotive sector. Our customers are global and domestic manufacturers and suppliers to the OEM, Tier I and Tier II industry.

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