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According to the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), forty-seven percent of companies are active in the process of recruiting highly skilled engineers.  In more than half the cases, these candidates are senior engineers with five to ten years of experience.  The takeaway from here is the demand for specialized engineers is high, and the supply of them is low and difficult to find.  Additionally, senior engineers pose even more difficulty because most of them have invested several years at their current firm and have a sense of stability, seniority, and the general know how in their current company.  Locating a specialized senior engineer is no easy task, let alone recruiting them away from their current company.  Human resources departments at the OEM’s and automotive suppliers are finding it to be a daunting and time-consuming task to find these needles in a haystack and are utilizing countless resources in their search with little to no value in return. When internal recruiters finally find a candidate that would be a good fit in the company, the compensation and packages they are demanding are becoming very competitive as they are fully aware of their high demand in the market. This is the direct reason why it is important to have recruiting firms that specialize in the recruitment and placement of these skilled engineers to exist in the industry.  While the human resources for most companies focus on a number amount of core competencies to keep their business running efficiency, automotive recruiting firms have one core competency which is locating these candidates, qualifying them, and placing them in these roles that are critical to a company’s success.

Michigan Automotive Recruiters

Based on a study conducted by the Professional Engineers Network (PEN), the highest competition for recruiting automotive engineers resides in Michigan, the automotive capital of the world.  With so many automotive companies, suppliers, etc., engineers are being courted all over the place to come work for one company over another.  Studies show that engineers out of college have the lowest shelf life of any other major on the market because of the high demand they impose.  Now, the problem existing in the market isn’t finding these engineers out of college, it’s finding the specialized engineers that need to be highly skilled in one particular area of expertise.

The situation of competition for these specialized engineers exist because of the low demand in schooling and training for that expertise, and their shelf life as a free agent on the market.  Smaller companies are finding it difficult to locate and compete for these specialized engineers because of the benefits the larger companies can offer them.  This is not to say larger companies aren’t facing the same difficulties finding these candidates, they just have more valuable leverage when convincing them to become a part of their team.  Luckily, Michigan is abundant with automotive recruiting firms to help locate these candidates and introduce them to companies that are in dire search of their services.  Automotive recruiting firms have really helped shaped the automotive industry as far as finding and placing the best talent in the right position and their value in the industry will be prevalent for years to come.

At On the Mark Recruiting Specialists, Inc. we specialize in the recruitment and placement of these highly skilled and specialized engineers in the automotive sector. Our customers are global and domestic manufacturers and suppliers to the OEM, Tier I and Tier II industry.  If you or anyone you know is looking for these difficult to find candidates, give us a call and let us do the work for you!

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