Companies Seeking “Best Available Talent”

January 23, 2013 in

Our Customers are constantly asking us why they are not seeing many qualified candidates for their posted positions.

The answer is quite simple; talented and qualified candidates are now employed. Companies are doing a much better job of making employee satisfaction and retention a high priority.

In recent months we have experienced a big decline in responses to our internet postings. We have had the most success in contacting passive candidates directly versus hoping someone qualified happens to see our posting and then send us their resume.

This is good news for us all, competition for talent is fierce and employees are benefiting with higher salaries/bonuses and opportunities for growth. Recruiters are also benefitting, our customers NEED our services to represent their needs to find qualified candidates. Once again we are partnering with our client companies and working together side by side in order to attract and land the “Best Available Talent”.

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