Lean Manager/Continuous Improvement – New Posting!

Lean Manager

Elkhart, IN

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A Total Program Management, packaging and Distribution Company is looking for a Lean Manager with 7+ years’ experience. This person will be responsible for developing and implementing solutions to eliminate waste, improve efficiency and productivity, and standardize processes. This is a high-visibility role which impacts customer and financial performance, productivity, inventory accuracy, future business opportunities and growth.  The role reports to and supports the Director of Operations and will have two to three direct reports who will serve in Lean Lead positions at each of the (3) Indiana facilities. The core responsibility of this position is to support Operations leadership in the creation and implementation of business transformation plans for each facility that focus on driving operational efficiencies, eliminating waste, and increasing financial performance while balancing customer commitments and a people-centric lean culture.


  • Partner with Facility Managers to support and drive annual planning process for Lean Transformation Plans for Company’ Indiana facilities, Phoenix and Oakville.
  • Assist Facility Managers in creating annual Lean Transformation Plans for each facility with an emphasis on driving data-driven prioritization of projects and resources.
  • Teach and coach operations Managers and Supervisors analytical tools for making data-driven decisions and creating business cases that will meet business ROI requirements and drive change.
  • Support the development of a Lean Culture at the Company and drive continuous improvement projects
  • Co-facilitate Kaizen with operations leadership focused on Lean Transformation strategies for improving warehousing operations.
  • Teach developing talent (Supervisors and Team Leads) how to utilize metrics to identify root cause and make continual improvements encouraging time studies for obtaining associate buy-in and improving overall efficiency.
  • Develop reporting metrics on improvements and continuously revisit and edit for optimal performance
  • Evaluate accuracy of production and testing equipment, as well as effects of design changes
  • Incorporate Kaizen events, 4 Panels, A3’s, Six Sigma, and The Lean Institute teachings into Company Lean culture
  • Design control systems to minimize and resolve production issues & project costs
  • Work closely with operations, finance, sales, supply chain management & packaging for alignment
  • Create systems and plan production to ensure all products meet quality control standards
  • Develop management control systems to make financial planning and cost analysis more efficient
  • Design layout of equipment and workspace
  • Create sampling procedures and designs
  • Ownership of weekly / monthly operational efficiency metrics
  • Align with site director / management to develop key business metrics
  • Work closely with sites to understand performance shortfalls and support corrective action process
  • Display and execute consistent with core values of the company
  • Treat users with respect and patience to foster great results
  • Demonstrate a genuine sense of urgency for all company and staff related issues, priorities and concerns

DEGREE:  Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering or other related field


SALARY: Base plus bonus, excellent benefits


TRAVEL:  Minimal


**Relocation provided