Advancing Technology – Recruiting in 2012/2013

March 1, 2013 in

As we enter into the holiday season we find our company working with companies offering the most advanced technologies the world has ever seen. The year 2012 started out very well for us, as we completed many assignments with many Tier One Suppliers of Electronic products and system solutions. Most of the positions filled earlier in the year were technical engineering related roles (embedded software engineers, electronic hardware and design engineers, automotive electronics sales engineers and managers, test engineers, material engineers, electrical engineers, etc.

As we moved into the second and third quarter, the positions seemed to be more focused on the Connectivity space of the vehicle. Navigation, Bluetooth, Telematics, HMI, etc., all seem to be the target areas of growth in Automotive Electronics technology. We have staffed many software solution providers as well as the companies who manufacture the hardware. We are excited to have an opportunity to recruit and work in the world of connectivity for the automobiles of the future. Many of our customers are driving technology that was once considered a pipe dream. In the next few years the automobile will be smart cars of the future, communication in all aspects of the Cloud technologies.

In the fourth quarter, an exciting endeavor for us has been the M2M solutions space. We were chosen to find a President for NA for a Detroit based position in M2M solutions. This has been a fortunate venture for us, due to our success in recruiting talent; we have received other opportunities in this industry going forward into the New Year. This is an excellent addition to our customer base as it allows us to diversify beyond Automotive yet maintain our technology focus. We at On the Mark are pleased with this year’s success and hope 2013 offers us more opportunity to grow and prosper.

Mark Shelton, President – On the Mark Recruiting Specialists, Inc.

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