Our Focus

Our focus is Automotive Electronics and advanced Electronic technologies that includes, Wireless, Telematic’s, Audio, Navigation, Power train, Engine control, Body and Chassis, Hybrid, Electric Vehicle, Solar and Alternative Energy markets

We recruit in all levels of engineering, sales, purchasing, logistics, executive management, manufacturing, customer service and other support roles as well.

Engineering would include both hardware/software design as well as project, program management engineering management field applications engineers and all other disciplines related to the design and development of automotive electronics.

Sales positions range from sales representative/engineers to Account Management Regional Sales mgr’s, Sales Management, Executive Level Mgmt and all other disciplines associated with selling products to the Automotive Tier Ones and OEM’s.

Purchasing/ Logistics/ Manufacturing and Customer Service are other areas we have been successful in our recruiting endeavours.

Mark E. Shelton
On the Mark Recruiting Specialists Inc.

Recent News & Articles

Automotive Electronic Engineers

Attention! All Electronics Engineers looking for a career opportunity.  We have many outstanding positions available, right now!  We are recruiting at all levels of both hardware and software engineers that have experience in developing technical solutions for Automotive Electronic Applications. The companies we are working with are Global Leaders in the design, development and delivery… View Article ...Read More >

Social Media – The New Recruiting Tool

Recruiting through social media has become a valuable way to connect, network, and search for highly qualified and experienced candidates. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are being used as an approach to locate and pre-screen job applicants before initiating communication. ...Read More >

M2M Automotive Technology

M2M is helping engineers alike make some very innovative advancements in the automotive industry. From a conceptual standpoint, M2M technology involves using a device (Sensor, SIM Card) in a machine to monitor levels of activity or a status change. This detailed data is then reported to another device via an IP network to analyze the information and initiate a response for further action. ...Read More >

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